Babbithill Tomb

Illus: – Babbithill Tomb looking north-west
Illus: – the inscribed Lintel inside the Doorway.

This graveyard is located immediately to the north of the Limerigg to Avonbridge road, near Babbithill Farm (NS 8892 7207).  The square walled enclosure is placed in the triangular plantation of trees at the south-west corner of a large field.  The ground slopes from the south to the north and the enclosing wall is taller on the downhill side so that the substantial square copes are level throughout.  The interior is level and measures 3.81m N/S by 3.60m W/E, but there is no grave marker.  The two small, squared stones now on the ground are probably to be associated with the door head.  The walls are made of random rubble evidently derived from field clearance and are now 1.5m tall from the internal floor, though the height from the threshold stone is 1.7m.  The coping stones are neatly squared on the outside face, with diagonal broaching, but less regular on the internal face.  They are the same width as the walls – 0.36m.  The quoins and door margins are of dressed sandstone, the latter housing a small external rebate.  Although now missing, the cope stones immediately to either side of the doorway must have been raised, along with the lintel.  This stone, 1.10m long, is now lying on the ground and bears the inscription “W B 1851”, a date in keeping with the style of the copes.  William Boyd was in occupation at this time.  The doorway itself is 0.82m wide and there are two iron hinge pivots on the outside on the north side, and a central hole on the opposite side for the catch.

Babbithill Tomb           SMR 494         NS 8887 7207

G.B. Bailey, 2021