Garbethill Tomb

The site lies on a south-facing slope (NS 8182 7457) 150m south-west from the farmhouse of Garbethill, overlooking the Garbethill Burn.

Illus: Garberthill Tomb looking north-east with Garbethill in the background.

The tomb consists of a rectangular stone-walled enclosure set centrally within a perimeter of trees joined by a low, sometimes stone-faced, bank.  The bank is 5.0m out from the walled enclosure and almost 2m across with a break opposite the doorway.  The enclosure measures 5.6m W/E by 5.05m N/S internally with a central doorway in the south side.  The walls are of random rubble, mostly field clearance, 0.56m thick, with dressed sandstone quoins bearing backset margins.  The highest surviving section is at the south-east corner and stands to a height of 1.85m.  Two holes in the top quoin at this point suggest that it was immediately capped by the copestone, none of which remain on the site.  The doorway is 1.05m wide between the outer stubs, which are 0.15m broad and 0.05m deep.  The tumbled lintel is 1.25m long and also has a rebate for the door, and a backset margin, but does not carry an inscription.

The Russell, Baillie and Hamilton families of Garbethill were related to the Speirs family of Lochgreen and for some time also occupied Arns.

G.B. Bailey, 2021