Glen Ellrig Tomb


John Braid Ralston of Glen Ellrig died on 31 August 1851 at 6 Montgomery Street, Ardrossan, aged 73.  He was buried in a small tomb enclosure created to the east of the main drive at Glen Ellrig, overlooking the stream.  His widow, Catherine Ralston, received an annuity of £120 from Glen Ellrig which had been her father’s estate and when she died on 30 April 1853, aged 71, she too was buried at the Tomb.

Illus: Left – the Tomb at Glen Ellrig looking south-east through the gate. Right – the setting for the headstone collapsed in 2019.

The Tomb consisted of a low walled enclosure capped by large coping stones which carried a tall iron railing.  An iron gate was set in the centre of the north side and a stone monument on the east side held the inscribed stone.  The slab carrying the inscription splintered asunder in the 1970s and the frame in 2019.

Glen Ellrig Tomb         SMR 506         NS 8851 7440

G.B. Bailey, 2021