Graham’s Road Tombstones


In 1904 two 18th century gravestones were found during building operations at 44-48 Grahams Road. It is not known how they got there, but it is not thought that they mark the site of burials.

Tombstones unearthed. On Saturday last while some workmen, in the employment of Mr Dalziel, builder, were engaged in making excavations at the house in Graham’s Road recently occupied by Dr Clarkson, but which was recently purchased by Mr Henderson, fruiterer, and is at present undergoing some alterations, the ground floor being transformed into shops, two ancient tombstones were unearthed. One of these bears the date 1743, along with the names of certain persons whose burial-place it at one time was intended to mark. Nothing is known as to how the tombstones came to be there.” 

(Falkirk Herald 5 Nov 1904).

A flurry of letters appears in the newspaper subsequent to the original announcement, but they do not clarify the origins of the tombstones.

Grahams Road tombstones     SMR 1939       NS 8883 8043

G.B. Bailey, 2021