Bothkennar Parish Church Windows


(1)  See separate entry for War Memorial

Bothkennar (2)(2) The window to the right of the pulpit is dedicated to William and Helen Sutherland of Stonehouse and was commissioned by the Sutherland Family in 1962. Christ stands facing outwards with his right hand raised in blessing, his left hand holds aloft a crude wooden cross tied together with cloth.  The angle of the cross is symmetrically matched by rays of bright light emanating from Christ’s right shoulder.  His purple halo is transformed upwards into a pointed flame from which rises a phoenix.  Above are the words “NOW IS CHRIST RISEN”.  On either side of his feet is a helmeted soldier bearing a spear.  The clear plain background contrasts with the brightly coloured figures and is framed by a shield-shaped narrow pale blue border.  The window is signed “FELIX glass/ 1965”.

Bothkennar (2) Detail



Artist: Felix McCullough, c1965.

Location: Right of pulpit.

(Section of window (2)


(3) Memorial window for Elizabeth Clerk MacLaren who died at Bothkennar Manse in Bothkennar (3)February 1968, the gift of the congregation.

Mary sits in the centre in heavy blue robes and a head scarf holding the baby Jesus on her lap.  To her left is one of the kings wearing rich robes, sporting a tall gold crown and carrying a decorated golden casket with a ball finial.  On the other side is a shepherd in plain robes holding an angular purple crook in his right hand and a sheep in the crook of his arm.  Two more sheep stand at his feet.  Above Mary’s head a descending dove appears in a star burst with angels on either side.

In the arch an angel addresses the kneeling Mary “THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH”.  The text continues on the lower panel below the main scene “+AND.DWELT AMONG US AND+/ KNOW YE/ NOT THAT/ I MUST BE/ ABOUT MY/ FATHER’S/ BUSINESS/ THIS IS MY/ BELOVED/ SON IN WHOM/ I AM WELL PLEASED/ +WE BEHOLD HIS GLORY  GLORY AS OF THE ONLY+/ BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH+”.  To either side of these words is a vignette, that on the left showing Mary and six men; on the right a young man carrying a pennant of St George in his left hand, with Bothkennar (3) detailhis right hand placed on the head of John the Baptist who stands in a river.

The biblical text is taken from John 1.14, with parts of Luke 2.49 and Matthew 3.17 interposed.

Attributed to Felix McCullough, 1968.

Location: east wall.

Geoff B. Bailey (2019)