Carriden Old Parish Church Windows

(SMR287)Carriden (1) War Memorial

In November 1948 the war memorial windows were unveiled by H Cadell.Carriden (1) detail

(1)  The baby Jesus is shown in a manger in the stable with Mary kneeling in prayer to the right and Joseph standing carrying a staff. Three shepherds and their flocks descend the hill in the background with two winged angels (heavenly hosts) above and the star of Bethlehem at the top with the word “Alpha”.  At the bottom of the widow it reads “To the Glory/ of God”.

(2)  Red-robed Jesus ascending with a winged angel behind.  Three disciples look up from the foreground with an open book on the bottom right.  Above all is the word “Omega”.

On the base of the left window: “Executed by G Young/ W. Johnston & D. Bennett.”

And on the base of the right one: “Saint Enoch Studios/ 1948”.

Location: in the north aisle.

Carriden Old (3)


(3)  An artisan stonemason (collier?) chisels below a blue robed woman with a winged angel standing behind “To The/ GLORY/ of/ GOD/ AND/ IN/ MEMORY/ of/ DAVID AND/ ISABELLA/ STEWART”.  The predominant colour is blue with pink bell-shaped flowers to the sides and wind musical instruments on the right.

The name of the artist can be seen under the miner’s lamp: Roland Mitton OO”.Carriden (3) detail





Location: north wall.


Carriden (4) St Margaret

(4) St Margaret is shown in a medieval style with white dress and red cloak.  She stands holding an open book with arms crossed.  “SAINT/ MARGARET/ SURE/ BB/ STEDFAST/ TO THE/ GLORY of GOD/ AND IN/ MEMORY of/ DOROTHY MAY/ SMITH BORN 29TH MAY 1944/ DIED 28TH MAY 1982/ LIEUTENANT 4TH BO’NESS/ BOYS BRIGADE COMPANY”

Carriden (4) Detail






The artists initials occur on the bottom left of the window: “AC/19W83”.

Location: north wall.

Carriden (5)


(5) St James is shown holding a two-handed sword – red robe and blue cloak.  He stands in a pillared archway with elaborate mouldings.  In a roundel of the tympanum “UNG SENT UNG SOLE”.  In the distance is a strong castle.  Along the bottom are the words: “In Memory of James Hope Lloyd Verney of Carriden Esquire/ Born 8th February 1869 died 15th December 1909. Erected 1912”.

Gifted by Mrs Lloyd-Verney of Carriden House.

Location: chancel (right).


Carriden (6) Alpha Omega


(6) Jesus stands facing the observer with his right hand raised in blessing.  In his left hand is an open book with the Greek letters alpha and omega on opposite pages.  He is wearing a red gown and cloak.  He is surrounded by a halo and around this in the blue background are winged soles.  It depicts Christ as the hope of the world – the beginning and end of all things.  He stands on a rainbow, below which is a dove, a ribbon and then two sailing ships.  The ribbon bears the words “— hopeful — — sou– —“.  At the base it reads “To the Glory of God and in memory of James Hope of Carriden/ Knight Grand Cross of the most honourable Order of the Bath/ — — —“. Gifted by Mrs Lloyd-Verney of Carriden House.

Location: chancel (centre).

Carriden (7)(7) St George is shown standing in a muscular cuirass, blue cloak, red tunic and leather leg grieves.  He holds a long spear in his right hand and a shield in his left.  At his feet is a green dragon, which merges into the green foliage, but whose red tongue stands out.  A castle lies on the hill behind.  The whole is framed by a columned archway with “SAINT/ GEORGE” on the lintel.  Above is a roundel with a rainbow and the words “SPES NON FRACTA”.

Gifted by Mrs Lloyd-Verney of Carriden House.  The window commemorates Colonel George Hope Lloyd-Verney,

Location: chancel (left).

Carriden (8) St Francis(8) St Francis of Assisi is surrounded by animals, fish and birds.  In his left hand is a small bird and his right hand rests on a fawn.  He wears a monk’s habit and his hair exhibits a tonsure.  The sun, moon and stars are all shown in the sky.  The text reads “SAINT FRANCIS/ TO THE GLORY of GOD/ AND IN LOVING/ MEMORY of/ ELIZABETH/ LUMSDEN/ MILLER/ SPRING/ SUMMER/ AUTUMN/ WINTER”.  Designed by local artist George Gould of Bo’ness Academy, whose name and the date 1953 appear in theCarriden (8) detail Elizabeth Lumsden Millar bottom right corner of the window.



Location: south wall.

Carriden (9) Angels



(9)  Three winged angels stand blowing large horns (two with red and one with blue wings) with an organ behind.  “WHERE ALL/ IS PEACE/ AND JOY/ AND LOVE”.  “To the Glory of God and in memory/ of 2nd Lieut. R.L. Cadell.”Carriden (9) Detail



Location: south wall.



Carriden (10) St Andrew


(10)  St Andrew wears a pale blue tunic and has a fishing net wrapped around him.  At his feet is a wicker basket with a house beyond.  On the bottom right is a cricket bat and stumps, and to the left a golf club.  “SAINT ANDREW”.   Window in memory of James Kidd, his wife, and sons Lt-Col James and Captain John Kidd, and his son-in-law Donald McDonald.

Carriden (10) detail

The name of the artist can be seen at the bottom right of the window: “A.C./ Whalen/ 1974”.

Location: south wall.

Carriden (11) St Leonard


(11) “ST LEONARD”.  A standing St Leonard wears a white tunic and holds two links of a chain whilst looking upwards.  Fish can be seen behind him, with crossed swords and white lilies below.  “TO THE/ GLORY/ of/ GOD/ AND IN/ LOVING/ MEMORY/ of DAVID/ KING”.

David King was fond of golf and football and so a golf ball on a tee and a football appear twice.

The name of the artist can be seen in the centre at the bottom.  “Harold Milton/ 80”.

Location: south wall.

(12)  “The Translation of Elijah” is shown by a bare-footed man holding his hands up inCarriden (12) Elijah defence or supplication.  His garments are shining from the light from heaven, and his mantle is falling from his shoulders.  In the background is a white horse with rider.   A contemporary account notes that “The horses, the flames, and the surge of the whirlwind give an inspiring impression.  The window is marked by its daring colour, powerful composition, and virile handling.”  It was gifted by the Congregation in memory and appreciation of their late minister Rev. William Dundas (1888-1931) and was unveiled in September 1934.

Artist: J.T. & C.E. Stewart, Glasgow.

Location: west wall – tower.

Carriden (13) Mary


(13)  Mary is shown in a blue dress seated frontally on a stone bench with an arched window behind her.  She holds the infant Jesus on her lap and presents him with an apple.  Apples and pears occur in abundance in the background.  “And Mary kept/ all these things/ and pondered/ them in her head”.

This is an appropriate theme for the baptistery.

G.B. Bailey (2019)