St Catherine’s Episcopalian Church Windows


St Catherine's Episcopalian (1)


(1) (left) St John is shown in a blue robe kneeling on his left knee.  He has a bag containing shellfish slung over his shoulder and holds two fish in his right hand.  Fish also occur at the bottom of the window, with a sailing boat in the top arch anchored by a rope.  In a small banner towards the bottom right is; “S. JOHN VI.9”.

(2) (above, middle) Dressed in a red, purple and yellow robe St John the Baptist leans on his staff and looks to the left.  In the crook of his left arm he holds a lamb.  A river meanders in the background with a mountain beyond.  The ribbon on the bottom left reads: “S.JOHN BAPTIST.”

(3) (above, right) The standing figure of Timothy with heavy blue robes, sandaled feet and head dress reads from a scroll which he holds by either end.  Red curtain in the background.  “S.PAUL/ ACTS XVI.3/ TIIMOTHY.”

Location: south side of chancel.

St Catherines (2) Isaac


(4) (left) Isaac stands and adjusts his red cloak over a white robe whilst looking upwards.  Beside him is a ram.

Panels read: “To the GLORY/ of GOD/ and in memory of/ WILLIAM McCAULEY/ JAMIESON/ choir boy aged ten/ died 8th June, 1953” and “ISAAC.”

(5) (above, centre) St David sands whilst playing a harp.  He wears long flowing multi-coloured robes and sandals strapped up to the knees.  Beside him is a stone in a sling.  “DAVID”.

(6) (above, right) Kneeling and looking down to the right Samuel has a short sleeved blue tunic covered by a yellow cuirass. “SAMUEL”.

St Catherines (7)


(7) St Catherine stands looking towards the observer with a pale blue quill in her right hand and a water wheel held aloft in her left hand.  She has blue cloak over a white tunic and bears a gold crown on her head.  There is a red nimbus.  There are two small shields at her feet, one containing a coronet and the other a Latin cross, with a chequered floor below.  “SAINT/ CATHE”.  A small panel at the bottom contains a kneeling praying angel “TE DEUM/ LAUDAMUS”.

St Catherines (8) St James



(8) The frontal figure of St James holds a diagonally placed cross-shaped staff in his left hand and has the palm of his right hand raised toward the viewer in blessing.  He has long yellow-brown robes and a purple satchel slung over his shoulder.  He stands on a path though low green hills, with taller blue mountains in the background.  Above his head is a cockle shell.  “SAINT/ JAMES”.  A lower panel shows an angel from the front with blue gown and outstretched pink wings holding a banner that reads “JUBILATE DEO”.  In the bottom border are the initials “S” “J” for the artist and “IHS”.

Location: nave.

St Catherine's Modern


(9) Modern window with a geometric design with a central helical strand.

Location: west gable.

G.B. Bailey (2019)