Denny Ironworks

Two small stained glass panels were incorporated into screens in the offices of Cruikshank & Co in Glasgow Road Denny.  The office block had been built in 1914 and included mosaic work by the Art Pavement Co, and so it is reasonable to assume that the windows were made at that time.

(1 )In an oval panel a moulder, bare from the waist up, is shown holding a long-handled ladle.  Behind him is the cupola with a wheeled ladle beside the spout.  In the background to the left is a hinged pot ladle suspended from a crane; and on the right a wheelbarrow in front of an industrial shed.

(2) The partner window has the same oval inset with a rectangular panel and contains the inscription “CRUIKSHANK & Co LTD/ ESTABLISHED/ 1870/ REGISTERED OFFICE. IRONFOUNDERS.”  (These are now in Falkirk Museum – Accesion number 1998-56-1)

G.B. Bailey (2019)