Denny Parish Church Windows

(SMR 424)

 (1) The scene occupies the three lights of the chancel, the central one being inscribed along the bottom “To The GLORY of GOD, and in memory of/ THOMAS SHANKS and MARY KIRKWOOD SHANKS./  Erected by their SON JAMES KIRKWOOD SHANKS, 1928.”  The subject of the memorial window is the Ascension.  In the centre the bearded Christ, arms open wide, is seen rising above the clouds, with a golden ray of light shining down on Him.  In the clouds of the two sidelights a red-winged angel is shown, whilst at the bottoms of the whole three lights are the eleven apostles with the two Marys either standing or kneeling in attitude of devotion in a garden.

It has been described as a glass mosaic, there being between 3,000 and 4,000 glasses in the composition.  The colours are in the glass metal and are called antique and separate pieces of various coloured glass.  It is made in small sheets which show variations in tint and texture.  These variations are specially selected to give light and shade according to the spot they are chosen to fill.  By using the coloured glass in this manner the colouring in the window is absolutely permanent.

The work in connection with the window was carried out in its entirety at the studio of Baillie and Telfer, 9 Thistle Street, Glasgow, C3, the design and workmanship being carried through by their artist James Benson.  1928.

Location: chancel.

Denny Parish Church (4) detail

(2-4) Three Nativity windows were gifted in 1968 by the brothers David Watson Law and John Herd Law in memory of their parents, a brother and Watson’s first wife.  They are the work of Sadie F McLellan and occupy the three small stepped lights of the stair at the east end of the church.  The first window, that is the lowest, depicts the three crowned kings bearing gifts with a crescent moon behind.  Along the bottom “MY SPIRIT HATH”.  The next window shows Mary holding the child Jesus, who has his left hand raised in blessing, stars above – “REJOICED IN GOD”.  The final window shows three shepherds carrying crooks beside a single sheep – “MY SAVIOUR”.  It is signed in the bottom right hand corner “SADIE F/ MCLELLAN”.

Location: Gallery stairwell.

G.B. Bailey (2019)