Denny Town House Windows


The main staircase of the Denny Town House has a stained glass window featuring the Burgh Seal.  This was an original feature of the 1932 building.

The colourless rolled glass of the large six-panelled window is used to provide filtered light to the broad stair as well as a contrasting ornate monumental frame for the colourful seal.

The 1892 Burgh seal shows the Angel of Peace placed above the bridge over the River Carron which flows between Denny and Dunipace.She holds an olive branch in her right hand beyond which are Mount Vesuvius, and an anvil and hammer – representing the iron foundries of the Burgh.  On her other side are papyrus leaves – representing the paper making industries. The caduceus was traditionally carried by Mercury and was a Roman symbol for truce, neutrality, and non-combatant status.

G.B. Bailey (2019)