Denny Westpark Church Windows


1968 window in memory of Rev Dugald McTaggart, minister 1946-67.  It does not have much line detail and its large blocks of bright colours produce a modern vibrancy.  “The design of the windows suggests a rectilinear rhythm, in keeping with the existing windows, with strong horizontals through the three window lights to counteract the shadow cast by a roof top.  Since the windows are directly behind the pulpit the general colour is medium in strength, accented by small areas of stronger colour.  Since there is no direct light, deep colour would become heavy and dull.

The symbols in the design are: The Burning Bush – emblem of the Church of Scotland; the Lamp – signifying faith and guidance; stars with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega – signifying the Mysteries of the Universe created by God; the Oak Leaves – signifying strength.”

Location: chancel.

Artist: Alfredo Avella,  DA, AMGP (1924-1982) stained glass artist.

G.B. Bailey (2019)