Bainsford Parish Church Windows

Bainsford Parish Church (1)(SMR 2041)

(1) A new window inserted into the west window after storm damage in the 1980s.  The bulk of the large three-light traceried window has plain lattice, but the upper margins and tracery have bold designs in blue red and green.  The ellipse at the top shows a plummeting dove with three vertical strips of red against a blue background.  Plants such as thistles, lilies and bluebells fill the spandrels and upper edges.Bainsford Parish Church (2)


(2) A window incorporates the emblem of the Church of Scotland’s Women’s Guild – a red cross filled lozenge with a blue border – with colourful rays of light emanating from it.  Below are interwoven daffodils.  The plain glass background delicately shades to a blue colour at the top and emphasises the design.

Bainsford Parish Church (3)




(3) The partner to (2) this one features the Girls’ Brigade emblem which consists of a white cross against a red background set within a blue circular border trimmed with gold, surmounted by a crown and under-set by a lamp.  Above the flames on the crown is a walled town.  As with (2) rays radiate from the central motif.

Location:  in the south wall.


G.B. Bailey (2019)