Camelon Irving Church Windows

Camelon Irving (1)(SMR 1412)

Three stained glass windows put in with a £400 bequest of Rev. A Patman Muirhead in memory of his brother, Rev. John Muirhead, and his mother Mary F. Adair.  Dedicated August 1945.

(1) St Andrew is shown standing in a red cloak and blue tunic with his hands on the shoulders of a child in a pink tunic holding a small basket-weave bowl.  “ST ANDREW/ Labour not for/ the meat which periseth but/ for that which endures/ unto everlasting life.” Grapes and leaves in the border.  “Gifted by the Rev. J. Patman Muirhead late Minister of — Church —- Mary Adair.”  The quote is from John 6:27. Camelon Irving (2)


(2) Saint Peter stands in a blue cloak and tunic looking to the right. In his right hand he holds the keys to heaven and has a book tucked under his arm.  Grapes and leaves in the border.


Camelon Irving (3)

(3) The roundel window in the west gable has twelve spandrels surrounding a circular central light. In the centre is the Lamb of God with the flag.  A red-cloaked angel stands to either side with the Tree of Life between them enveloping the lamb.  Above is the sun surrounded by clouds.  Around the perimeter an inscription reads “HE SHEWED ME A PURE RIVER OF WATER OF LIFE PROCEEDING OUT OF THE THRONE OF GOD AND OF THE LAMB/AND THE LEAVES OF THE TREE WERE FOR THE HEALING OF NATIONS  This is taken from Revelation 22.1-2.

G.B. Bailey (2019)