Grangemouth Charing Cross Church Windows

Charing Cross (1)(SMR 885)

When it opened in 1884 the interior of this church was beautifully, yet simply, decorated with harmonious colourings, and some of the windows were filled with stained glass.


(1) The pulpit window was especially grand.  In it were three figures representing Faith, Hope, and Charity.



Charing Cross (2)


(2) The north gable facing onto Bo’ness Road has large windows filled with coloured glass.  This can no longer be viewed from the interior due to internal partitions.  The small lancets windows on the ground floor have simple geometric designs.

(3)  Between the lobby and the nave are a number of small windows filled with stained glass.  These are now backed by the seating of the restaurant and so no longer transmit light.  They have coloured glass in the form of plants in pots, but the petals of the flowers have nice painted detail.

Charing Cross (3)





G.B. Bailey (2019)