Grangemouth Library Windows

Grangemouth Library

(SMR 886)


In the 1939 entrance lobby of Grangemouth Library, high up on the west wall, is a six-panelled stained glass window depicting learning.  The lower central panel shows a woman reading to a child from a book.  Above her is a personification of knowledge above the Grangemouth coat of arms.  She is shown seated holding a globe in her left hand and a torch throwing light into the world in her right.  The burgh motto “INGENIUM VINCIT OMNIA/ VINCI” or “ingenuity conquers all” accompanying the shield is appropriate to the subject.

Library MusicianThe outer panels contain roundels depicting the four visual arts – music, painting, drama and photography – these being major components of the creativity found in western culture Library Artistalongside literature in its various guises.




G.B. Bailey (2019)