Grangemouth West Church Windows

Grangemouth West Church (1)(SMR 880)


Three windows are now on display at the Grangemouth Heritage Trust and one is held by Falkirk Museum.

(1) Modern style.  A bare-footed man stands on the right wearing a yellow cloak fastened across the upper chest by a red band bearing the Greek letters alpha and omega.  The holes in his left hand and foot show him to be the resurrected Jesus.  He has yellow hair and his right hand hovers over the head of a kneeling man wearing a blue cloak.  At their feet is a broken sword. Grangemouth West (1) Detail



To either side are trees with a castle in the background and purple mountains beyond.    A ribbon below reads “Saul, Saul, why persuethest thou me?” and a Grangemouth West (1) top detailsquare panel states “To the Glory of God and in Affectionate remembrance/ of the Rev. Samuel Murdoch Riddick M.A. Faithful and/ Beloved Minister of this Church 1885-1931/ Erected by the Members of the Congregation.”

In the arch of the window are winged souls in the form of heads.  These extend down the thick border to either side.Grangemouth West (2) Detail


(2) Part of a stained glass window is on display at the Grangemouth Heritage Centre.  A man walks to the right with his pink tunic pulled up in his right hand to form a sowing sheet.  His left hand is casting the seed to the ploughed ground.  Above his shoulder flies a white dove.  There is a simple border.

This is part of a large window which was photographed in 1979.  It consisted of three lights, like (3) below.  The two outer lights contained simple geometric patterns and banners containing the words “AND/ SOME FELL/ AMONG/ THORNS” and “BUT/ THE OTHER/ FELL ON GOOD/ GROUND AND/ BROUGHT FORTH/ FRUIT”.

Grangemouth West (2)




(3) Jesus is shown with a shepherd’s crook in his left hand and a lamb in his right.  He wears a red robe over a blue gown.  A yellow hallo with blue cross terminals highlights his head against the purple sky.  At his feet are more lambs on a background of green grass.  Going up the window the grass turns to yellow hurdle fencing, a rose hedge and a castle set amongst trees.  The window has a thick border strewn with bunches of grapes and at theGrangemouth West (3) top arch is a banner reading “The King of Love my Shepherd Is.”

In March 1934 this memorial was unveiled “In ever Loving memory of Daniel Alexander McLaren. Born/ 10. Jan. 1836. Died 30. Dec. 1917 For many years an Elder,/ Session Clerk and Sabbath Superintendent of this/ Church. Also of his Wife, Jean Brown Hogg. Born 12 Dec. 1844/ Died 1. Feb 1929. And of their elder Daughter, Jessie Smith/ McLaren. Born 7. May 1876. Died 6. September 1930. Erected by Jeannie Primrose McLaren, Avondhu, 1934.”

“Our Lord as the Good Shepherd” was designed by Messrs Maile, Euston Rd, London.



Grangemouth West (4)

(4) Stained glass window in the north window recess of the church behind the pulpit – ie the chancel.  Photographs show that this was a three-light window with the central arched one being larger than the others.  The lights were bordered with geometric designs with yellow and red predominating.  The style is Pre-Raphaelite.Grangemouth West (4) Right


The central light showed “Christ blessing little children.”  The Saviour sat in canopied light with children kneeling to receive his Benediction, while on the right and left mothers with their little ones pressed towards Him.  In the group around His feet there was a black child, teaching the great truth that distinctions of cast are ignored by Him.

A panel at the bottom of the central light reads: “In loving memory of Malcolm M’Laren, teacher,/ for many years an elder in this church./  Erected by D.A. M’Laren.”

The artist was Stephen Adam employed by Meikle & Son, Glasgow.  1887.

The right-hand light is now in Falkirk Museum – 1987-37-1.  The other lights may be in storage with the Grangemouth Heritage Trust.


(5) New manse built in 1893 for the West Church at a cost of £1,200 and fitted with two stained glass stair windows;  John Knox and Dr Thomas Chalmers, the gift of D.A. McLaren of Avondhu.

G.B. Bailey (2019)