St. Mary’s Episcopalian Church Windows

St. Mary's Episcopalian (1)(SMR 1472)


(1) The east window above the altar depicts Mary standing and holding the Christ Child with St Hedwig and St Leonard on either side.

St Leonard on the left has a monk’s tonsure and a red nimbus.  He has blue robes covered by a green surplus and holds a chain.  St Hedwig has a dark blue head dress and cape surmounted with a crown and holds a Latin cross and chalice.  In the background of each is an arched window with doves in the tracery above and in the bottom corners are kneeling angels in red holding a panel that spreads across all three lights and reads “TO THE GLORY OF/ GOD AND IN MEMORY OF/ HEDWIG BROUN/ WHO FELL ASLEEP/ IN CHRIST ON THE 13TH DAY/ OF FEBRUARY 1923”.

Gifted by Rev Canon Leonard Broun in 1938 when the church was built.

Designed by: Joseph E.  Nuttgens of the Warham GuildSt Mary's Episcopalian (2)

(2) A storm in October 1961 damaged the original plain window and Rev Alan Robson suggested a stained glass one with an industrial theme.  It uses vertical panes of glass in its upper section and horizontal ones towards the bottom.  In between are large pieces of coloured glass to depict the scene which is “industry”.  At the base are five modern merchant ships set against a broken blue background representing the Forth.  In the centre is the refinery with pipes, flare stacks and cooling towers.  Between the towers, in the distance, are the houses of Grangemouth.

Installed in October 1962 at a cost of £300.

Artist – Gordon W Stevens.

G.B. Bailey (2019)