Zetland Parish Church Windows

Zetland Church (1) (SMR 276)

(1) Second World War memorial window in the chancel.  Four main lights express the themes of sacrifice and thanksgiving.

Left: Mary and the child with adoring shepherds representing Peace.  Centre left: David with the sword of Goliath representing Victory.  Centre right: David pouring out the water from the Well of Bethlehem as he says “Is not this the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives” (2nd Sam, 23:17).

Right: the Lord in all his glory, King of Heaven.  The scheme thus gives from left to right the Babe, the Young Man, the Warrior and the Reward of Life Eternal.  The windows carry shields bearing the names of 17 people who died in the war. Zetland Church top detail

Above the four lights is an angel holding the Crown of Reward and below are four praising angels with musical instruments  and to either side the symbols alpha and omega.  There is a sword, symbol of duty, and the crown of thorns and the chalice – symbols of sacrifice.  The flames in the background represent prayer.Zetland Church bottom detail


Upon the main lights these words appear “To the Glory of God and in everlasting remembrance of the men of this church who fell in the World War, 1939-45, and with humble thanksgiving for the many who returned.”  The seventeen names borne on the roll of honour are – Andrew Brand, Andrew Brown, Robert Brown, Thomas Dickson, Allister Jack, William Jeffray, Alexander Logan, Archie Marshall, William Mayes, Charles McDonald, William McLaren, Robert Morrell, David Ritchie, George Russel, Samuel Sneddon, James Sneddon and William Swan.

The window is 14ft high and almost 10ft wide and was designed by Douglas Hamilton, Glasgow.  It was dedicated in June 1948.

(2) 1965: Memorial window for Rev Hugh Richmond Thom (1946-1963) gifted by hisZetland Church (2) widow, family, members of the congregation and friends.  It was designed by Gordon Webster and consists of three small lights, separated by small detached columns, in the south wall of the church.

Left – the upper panel shows a man in a red cloak carrying a tray of bread to a man in a green robe sitting at a table in front of a window through which a town can be seen.  “I WAS an/ HUNGERED and YE/ GAVE ME MEAT”.  The lower panel shows the man in the red cloak holding a golden chalice standing in front of a man with one knee on the ground and his arms raised to receive the vessel, castle behind.  “I was THIRSTY/ and YE GAVE ME DRINK”.

Centre – the upper panel shows two men walking in front of a castle with an open gate “I/ was a STRANGER/ and ye TOOK ME IN” and the lower panel two men placing a blue and white striped cloak on a black man “NAKED and YE/ CLOTHED ME”.

Right – the upper panel shows two men (one on a red cloak) with a sick man in a green robe on his knees with a large jar by his side.  Behind is a two-arched window through which other town houses may be seen “I was SICK and/ YE VISITED ME”.  The lower panel has a man in a green robe chained to the bench on which he sits with a barred window behind.  In front of him is the man in the red cloak “I was in PRISON and/ YE CAME UNTO ME”..

Zetland Church (3)


(3) The pointed arched door connecting the church to the hall has a coloured glass panel showing a spiral design behind a sunburst.  It dates to the beginning of the new millennium.

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G.B. Bailey (2019)