Larbert East Church Windows


(1) A large 4-light window on the main façade over the entrance and gallery.  The left-hand light shows upright lilies against a blue sky and grassy background.  Near the top are the words “worship the Lord in”.  The second light has the full-length figure of a male angel in white robes with pink and yellow wings.  He carries a scroll in his right hand upon which is written “SPES”.  The next light has a similar female angel with “FIDES” on the scroll.  The right-hand light has white roses and the final words of the sentence in the first “in the Beauty of Holiness”.  The lower panel of each light is filled with scallop shells Larbert East South Gable Rose Windowand the upper by small individual geometric shapes and symbols.

The rose window above shows a figure, with the Greek letters alpha and omega in the tracery in between.Larbert East 1c (detail)

Along the bottom of all four lights is the inscription: “IN MEMORY OF JOHN FORREST WHO DIED/ ON 26TH NOVEMBER 1897/ ERECTED BY HIS SISTERS”

Location: south gable.

Larbert East (2)


(2) The 3-light window in the chancel depicts a single scene.  In the centre is an old man in green robes holding a baby.  On the left a woman in blue robes, her head covered, looks on.  Behind her is a second woman.  To the right a man holds a cot, and behind him is a man leaning on a staff.  The three main figures are haloed, as is the baby – the scene is probably that of the Presentation in the Temple with Simeon the central figure.  In the background is a city.

Location: north gable.



Larbert East 3

Larbert East 4


(3-4) Two small lancet windows contain stained glass of the 1970s.  Foliage with bunches of grapes, figs, oranges, pears and cherries.  What look like bubbles, small white circles, of various sizes, float upwards.

Location: vestibule.


G.B.  Bailey (2019)