Stenhouse & Carron Parish Church Windows

(SMR 130)

(McLaren Memorial Church)

 (1) The east window consists of three lights and bears the signature of Douglas Strachan.  It is in a modern style with blue as the predominant colour and is a representation of St John’s vision in the 4th and 5th chapters of the Book of Revelation.  The bottom of each of the three lights represents the earthly scene and life; on the left, Stenhouse & Carron 1 (detail)looking towards the window, is industry (Carron Works), then a country scene; and on the right St John shades his eyes as he looks up at the heavenly scene.  Above the earthly part is the Sea of Glass.  In the centre light the Lord is seated and holds the seven stars in the blue firmament in His right hand; around are the seven golden candlesticks; from His head flashes a ray of light (to reproduce “out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword” would be grotesque if directly reproduced).  At His feet is the Lamb of God, around Him the four and twenty elders, and then the worshipping hosts of heaven.  On the left is shown a soul rising from earth to heaven and being received by an angel in red (charity).  Underneath on the stone sill is the following inscription “IN MEMORY OF/ GEORGE SHERRIFF/ OF CARRONVALE AND STENHOUSE/ 1856-1908./  “SURELY I COME QUICKLY.  AMEN./ EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS.”  GIVEN BY CATHERINE SHERRIFF,/ SEPTEMBER 1914.”

Location: chancel.Stenhouse & Carron (2)

(2) In the small window on the north side of the chancel next to the east gable is a representation of the end of the walk to Emmaus, and shows Christ breaking bread with the two disciples (St Luke 24, verses 13-31), subscribed by the words, “their eyes were opened and they knew Him.”  They sit at a wooden table covered by a cloth with a flagon and glasses on it.  Below is a medallion showing Cleophas and his companions inviting Jesus to enter the house.  The whole is surrounded by the monochrome signs of the four evangelists and surmounted by the dove of peace.

Stenhouse & Carron (2) (detail)This window was gifted by the widow of John H Cochrane, and carved on the stone at the side is “TO THE GLORY OF GOD/ IN MEMORY OF/ JOHN BELL COCHRANE,/  A FOUNDER/ AND BENEFACTOR OF/ THIS CHURCH/ 1842-1914.  J.H.C.”  It was dedicated in 2 December 1922.

Designer:  Douglas Strachan

Stenhouse & Carron (3)Stenhouse & Carron (3) watercolour

(3)  Next to it is the last window produced by Douglas Strachan, which was erected posthumously, and was not quite finished.  It had been intended to have some wording on it, which is missing.  It shows a man in blue garments holding a long staff – the angel guarding the tomb.  There is a tall evergreen tree to the right.  Below a vignette shows two men carrying a corpse in a sheet into the rock cut tomb.  The inscription on the stonework at the side reads: “TO THE GLORY OF GOD/ IN MEMORY OF + DAVID/ SCRIBNER MERROW/ FIRST MINISTER OF THIS/ CHURCH A BELOVED/ BROTHER AND FAITHFUL/ MINISTER IN THE LORD/ 1871+1947.”Stenhouse & Carron (3) Detail

Upon retirement Rev. Merrow had described the scene he wanted as “Joseph’s tomb at night guarded by an angel, with a cypress tree.”  An original water coloured paper design for the window hangs nearby.  As well as detailed changes (such as crosses on the hill behind the tomb) it shows the intended inscription along the bottom “O rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him”.

Stenhouse & Carron (4)(a)Stenhouse & Carron (4)(b)



(4) In the nave on the north side is a stained glass scene that carries across two windows.  It represents the Crucifixion.  The west light shows Mary Cleophas, Mary and John standing in the foreground. The centurion on a white horse behind them gazes at the cross.  He bears aloft an eagle standard and flag.  In the background is a fortified town – Jerusalem.

The east light continues the background and shows Christ on the Cross with a penitent Mary Magdalene kneeling at his feet.  The Cross is green representing the tree of life and at its top is a plaque with the letters “INRI”.  At the foot of the Cross is a chalice – the Holy Grail.  A Roman soldier in lorica segmentata and a red cloak leans on his shield and javelin and looks up at the cross.

Below is an oak board with lead letters bearing the following inscription: “TO THE GLORY OF GOD IN LOVING MEMORY OF/ CATHERINE JANE SHERRIFF/ A DEVOUT MEMBER AND BENEFACTOR OF THIS CHURCH.  A FRIEND OF THE POOR AND ALL GOOD CAUSES./  THIS WINDOW IS PLACED BY HER CHILDREN/ “THE SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS ARE IN THE HANDS OF GOD.”/ “THEY SHALL OBTAIN JOY AND GLADNESS AND SIGHING SHALL FLEE AWAY.””  The ends are terminated by figures of children and there is an angel in the centre.  The window was dedicated on 26 September 1937.

It is the work of Douglas Strachan.

Location: north side of nave.

G.B. Bailey (2019)