Brightons Parish Church Windows

(SMR 1298)

Brightons (1)1993: Two stained glass windows inserted in celebration of the 150th anniversary.  One, depicting the work done among the young people, and the other, the Church Family and local Community.

(1) Left of pulpit (east): A man in a tie and jacket stands behind a lectern and holds an open book in his hands whilst looking upwards with his mouth open as if preaching.  Above him are cooling towers and flare stacks set in green hill with a Holy Spirit in the form of a dove swooping down from the clear blue sky, its head haloed by the sun.  To the left of the man is the emblem of the “CHURCH OF SCOTLAND/ WOMEN’S GUILD” in a lozenge frame.  To the right appears a burning bush in an elliptical frame, emblem of the “CHURCH OF SCOTLAND”.  Below are two women with a young child, one on a wooden seat the other kneeling.


Brightons (2)

(2) Right of pulpit (west): The scene depicted is of a uniformed member of the girl’s Brigade and the Boy’s Brigade holding a vertical wooden runged ladder in the centre up which young children are climbing to Brightons Church at the top.  The predominant colour is royal blue the stepped platform at the base, the uniforms, the background hills and the sky.  The uniformed girl is wearing gloves and holds a baby in her left arm whilst extending her right arms down to help a young girl in a red dress onto the bottom rung of the ladder.  Above her is the emblem of “THE GIRLS BRIGADE”.  The uniform boy is taller and holds the ladder steady.  Three young boys are seen climbing the back side of the ladder.

G.B. Bailey (2020)