Muiravonside Parish Church Windows

Muiravonside (1)(SMR 203)

(1) In the west gable behind the pulpit is a plain latticed lead window with three patches of stained glass decoration and a banner at the bottom.  At the top in the spandrel is a burning bush – the symbol of the Church of Scotland.  On the left is a lozenge containing a winged chalice and on the right the Lamb of God with the flag of St George.  The banner reads: “KIRK RESTORED ANNO DOMINI 1955”.

(2) In the south wall are two contemporary two-light windowsMuiravonside (2) divided into four showing scenes from the life of our Lord.  At the top left is a seated mother in a red robe and brown head scarf accompanied by her two children and husband who is standing.  Behind them is a rustic Latin cross.  To its right the panel shows Christ receiving two slightly older children.  The background in these is of purple mountains and green vegetation with strands of ivy.  “Suffer  little children to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.”

Muiravonside (2)(a)Muiravonside (2)(b)




The two equivalent scenes in the bottom of the window show figures including an even older child.  All of the scenes are set within rustic canopies.

(3) Adjacent to (2) is another two-light window.  In the upper left panel Christ is standing in front of a tree and to the right an old and young angel stacking sheaves of corn.  “He that soweth the seed is the Son of Man: the reapers are the angels.”

“13 YEARS MINISTER OF THIS PARISH/ DIED 7TH DECR 1884 AGED 40.”  The lower left panel shows a sick man in a bed inside a room with a woman visiting carrying a basket of lowers in her left hand and wither right hand raised in blessing.  “I WAS SICK AND YE VISITED ME”.

Originally the pulpit stood between these two windows.  The scenes illustrate the work of the minister and the money was raised by the congregation.

Executed by Ballantine of Edinburgh and unveiled November 1885.

G.B. Bailey (2019)