Allied Ironfounders Ltd.

29 British Companies

Illus: A Cockburn’s lorry and an Allied Ironfounders’ lorry delivering baths for export to Grangemouth Docks.


1922:  “Light Castings Ltd” formed by the amalgamation of the Coalbrookdale  Co Ltd; Planet Foundry Co; M. Cockburn & Co Ltd; and McDowell, Steven & Co Ltd.  The latter two being Falkirk firms.   Coalbrookdale was seen as the head of the new organisation.

1929:  The Grand Alliance was formed in 1929 to pool the resources  of  several companies  and  permit  individual sites to specialise,  establish  a  research department  and  a  central  department to  control  exports.   There were 23 companies, eight of which were from the Falkirk area.   They  were  Callendar Iron Co; Abbots Iron Co;  M. Cockburn & Co Ltd;  Dobbie, Forbes & Co LtdFalkirk Iron  Co  Ltd;  Forth & Clyde & Sunnyside Iron Cos Ltd;  H.E. Hoole  &  Co  Ltd; McDowell, Steven & Co Ltd.

1969: Merged with Federated to form Glynwed.

G.B. Bailey, 2021