Boghead Foundry

Boghead Foundry Co Ltd

Illus: Boghead Foundry and Engineering Works on the Ordnance Survey Map of 1918 (National Library of Scotland).

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1903: Gas built up in a pipe from the cupola to the fan and caused an explosion, knocking the fan to pieces and blowing out the windows.  George Kelly, the proprietor, had just entered the engine room and was found unconscious with both legs broken.

1914: Sold by George Kelly as a going concern,

1919: The Boghead Foundry Co Ltd formed to take over the Boghead Foundry Co from James Kelly of Glasgow.  Share capital set at £2,000 in £1 shares.  James R Auld (manufacturer’s agent) 1800 shares, William S Reid (iron moulder) – 150 shares.  Within a couple of years Reid sold his shares to the Auld family and Alexander C Auld became a director.  He was replaced by James O. Baird, Managing Director, and Douglas A McCallum, metallurgist.

1924:  Liabilities became too great and the company went into voluntary liquidation.

G.B. Bailey, 2021