Bo’ness Iron Co.

Illus: Extract from the 1897 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland) showing the Bo’ness Foundry on Commissioner St.

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Commissioner StreetNT 000 817


Steele, Miller & Co1836 –
Bo’ness Foundry Co           – 1936
Bo’ness Iron Co Ltd1936 –

1836:  About this year Messrs Steele, Miller & Co started a foundry adjacent to the west side of Bo’ness Pottery.  Robert Steele was a traveller for the Shotts Iron Co, Miller was a moulder to trade.  They were assisted in the practical work by James Shaw.  The firm became known as the Bo’ness Foundry Co.  Pig iron was obtained from Shotts.

Steele extended the yard by building a wall to dam back the sea.

1889: The site in East Street, owned by Mrs Henderson, was put up for sale.

1899:  A scheme to form a new company called the Bo’ness Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd which incorporated Steele, Miller & Co failed to raise sufficient capital from the sale of shares, and the company continued on its own.

1936:  Bo’ness Foundry Co assimilated into the Bo’ness Iron Co Ltd.

Drain Cover: Ref 2020/10 : Lumley Street area, Grangemouth : Square with an outline. Sunken square studs 9 x 9. Foundry name in place of 3rd row of studs. : Photo, David Thom.

G.B. Bailey, 2021