Broomridge Foundry

Illus: Extract from the 1962 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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Broomridge Farm, DennyloanheadSMR 541NS 808 800


1930s: Samuel Longbotham made aluminium castings in a small Nissen hut near Broomridge Farm.  He had been a pattern plate moulder in Smith & Wellstood.

1947:   Went into partnership with Hugh Dyer, a moulder who had started with Cruikshank’s of Denny and had been a partner with James Wright at A. & S. McInt­yres for a short time.  Dyer left McIntyre’s because he wanted to make engineer­ing castings as opposed to sash weights and cisterns.   Longbotham and Dyer gradually moved into cast iron as their plant expanded.  To cope with these heavier castings they had a building, 110ft by 30ft, constructed above their Nissen hut, which was still used until the new building was completed.  This gave them a capacity of 3cwt in grey iron engineering castings.

1953:   Andrew Longbotham, Sam’s brother joined as a partner.   He was a patternmaker to trade.  In 1957 the partners were Hugh Dyer, Andrew Longbotham and Elizabeth Longbotham.

1976: Closed in March by the Factory Inspectorate as a result of a lack of dust extraction (est. cost £20,000).

Broomridge Foundry new pattern building, looking to Dennyloanhead. Photo; Hugh Dyer


At the peak of production the company employed 30 men, and 23 in 1976.

There were 4 moulders, 1 dresser and 2 men working the furnaces.

G.B. Bailey, 2021