Burnbank Foundry

Wright’s Foundry

Burnbank Foundry Co.

Illus: Extract from the 1897 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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Bankside, Bainsford          SMR 688NS 887 812


1860:  Founded by William Mitchell of Parkhouse, Malcolm and Andrew Cockburn, with RW Crosthwaite as a junior partner. The works lay just west of the Bainsford Canal Bridge, on the north bank of the Forth & Clyde Canal.

1864: Partnership dissolved.  Cockburn left to start Gowanbank Iron Works.  James Wright of Denny became Mitchell’s new partner.

1875: Mitchell left to start the Parkhouse Iron Co, and James Wright remained the managing director and sole proprietor until his death in 1908.

1883: J McGrouther, manager, left.

1900-1911:  Additions included a travelling crane.  The moulding shed roof was raised to accommodate this.

1908: Converted to a private limited company.

1911: Became a private limited company with the existing partners receiving shares.  James Wright, son of Adam Wright, Glasgow; William Wright of Gogarfield in Denny, formerly a baker; John C Wright, once the clerk but then the manager of the foundry; William Wright, patternmaker, Falkirk.  Capital set at £20,000 divided into £1 shares.  The new directors were David G Allan, coal merchant of Yoker; James Deakin of Hillfoot; James Wright, steel manufacturers’ agent of Glasgow; John C Wright of Denny; William Wright of Denny; and William Wright, patternmaker of Falkirk.

J.C. Wright made managing director, a position he held until his death in 1933.

Illus: Burnbank on the north bank of the Forth & Clyde Canal. (The buildings of Burnbank Foundry on the right.)

1920: 2.5 acres obtained for extension.

1933: William Wright became managing director.  James Munro Wright secretary.

1935: Purchased part of canal basin and adjacent football ground in preparation for an extension.   A large tar boiler overheated and ignited two drums of naphtha.

1937, October: Taken over by Federated Foundries Ltd.  William Rennie became a director and manager.

1939: Closed.

1948:  Office transferred to the Grange Works.

1960:  Liquidation.


1879140 employed

G.B. Bailey, 2021