Central Foundry

Illus: 1947 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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Scottish Central Iron Co.SMR 711NS 861 808


1902: Established with a capital of £15,000 divided into £1 shares.  The first directors were Robert Baird, tanner and leather merchant in Falkirk; Robert Mathieson, baker and flour merchant in Falkirk; James Anderson (died 1934), retired grocer residing at Myrtle Cottage in Bonnybridge; Daniel Harrison, screw manufacturer in Camelon.  Robert Baird appointed as chairman of the Board.  Building work began in September 1902, whilst patterns were being made in temporary premises.

Mathiesons soon pulled out and their shares were bought by patternmakers, moulders, etc.

1903-11:  Additions in this period included a pattern shop and store, moulding shop, and a dressing shop.

1920s: James Mundie secretary.

1947: Ceased trading after a fire.  The following year it was resolved to halt dealing in shares and the company was deemed to be a private one.

1956:  Company still solvent and went into voluntary liquidation.  Assets realised at the sale included:

Patterns£ 1,429
 Plant & moulding boxes£ 2,013
Machinery£ 875
Scrap (moulding shop)£ 2,550
Scrap (warehouse)£ 2,190
Office Furniture£ 160
Ground & Buildings£15,000
£6,000 3.5% War Loan Stock £ 4,309
National Light Castings Iron Fed.£ 334.

Site now occupied by Alexander’s coach works.


1911: 140.

1913: 150.

G.B. Bailey, 2021