Crown Brass Works

Henry Russell

Henry Russell Ltd.

Illus: 1898 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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1878: Henry Russell established a brass works – the first in the Falkirk area.  He started with just himself and a boy.  He was the son of Henry Russell, moulder, Falkirk.  He himself worked as a moulder in several local foundries, including Cockburn’s, before being appointed as a foreman at the Star Foundry in Glasgow; then got a situation in a large iron and brass foundry in Manchester where he attended evening classes.

1890-3: Works erected adjacent to the Callendar Iron Foundry, the work superintended by Mr Strang, architect.  4hp gas engine supplied from the Corporation main.  The proprietor, Henry Russell, patented an improved stop-cock. 

1899: Larger engine installed.  Russell became a town councillor.

1901: Extension.

1910: Further extension.  Gas lighting introduced.  Extended 1913.  Electro-galvanising plant.

1924: Henry Russell died 12 April 1924.

1939-45: War work.

c1970: Closed

Building now used by C Jenkins Windows Ltd.

G.B. Bailey, 2021