Falkirk Pattern & Equipment Ltd.

Sites & Monuments Record

Bankside Industrial Estate, BainsfordNS 896 815


1950: Started by WT Baddeley, a time-served patternmaker, and two others who soon left.   It was originally located in Kincardine but moved to the Bog area of Falkirk in the mid 1950s, in a Nissen hut on land belonging to Callendar Estates.  The company worked exclusively in aluminium alloys, often making aluminium hyster patterns for other foundries using the master patterns provided.

1975: A road was planned on the site and so the company moved to Bankside.

1976: Became a limited Company.

1984: “Aluminium sand castings up to 100kg max. wt.  Specialising in vacuum forming tooling and expanded polystyrene tooling.  Brass and aluminium.  Employment range 1-15.”

The works moved again, this time to Inchyra Road in Grangemouth.

1997: W Baddeley died and his relatives decided to finish the business.


1979: 14

G.B. Bailey, 2021