Grahamston Rustless & Galvanising Works

Braby, Frederick & Co Ltd

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Forganhall, Bankside, Bainsford     NS 893 814


1898:  Established.   Primarily set up to treat cast iron boilers by a rustless process (oxidisation carried out by a means of gas air and steam, giving a coating of zinc) using the trade mark “Grip Band”.  The head office was at the Eclipse Works in Glasgow.

Frederick Braby served his apprenticeship with Charles Jack and took over the zinc working business that he had started in 1839 in London.  He became the sole owner in 1854.  Quite early on he won a £40,000 contract for construction of railway stations in northern Spain.  New branches were established at Liverpool, then Glasgow in 1875 in Great Clyde St.  Later moved to Argyle St and then Garngad St.    Other branches in Bristol and Falkirk.

1900: Shed measuring 121 x 40ft added.

1916: In June a fire caused over £4,000 of damage.

1938:  Ceased trading in August.


1916: 60

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