Muirhall Foundry

  • R Taylor and Co. Ltd.
  • The Taylor Group Ductile Castings
  • Tayco Boilers
  • Tayforth Foundry Ltd.
  • Robert Taylor & Co. (Ironfounders) Ltd.
Illus: 1966 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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Muirhall Road, Larbert     SMR 709NS 861 831
Lochlands Industrial Estate, Larbert              NS 856 817


1920: Founded by Robert Taylor and two Glasgow businessmen.  Taylor had held managerial positions at Carron Co and James Jones Ltd.  Work began in March on building the moulding shop, some 50yds long by 25yds broad.  At the north end was a double wall to support the platform for the furnace.  However, work had not been completed when, in May, a gale blew the wall down, killing Robert Taylor of Camelon the contractor.  Initially the foundry made engineering castings such as water and low pressure steam valves and machine tools.

1928: Tayco boilers first produced.

1950s:  Blackburn Foundry, Dunfermline, acquired for grey iron castings.

A cooker with heating boiler manufactured called the Taycoette, and a room heater.  These were discontinued in the mid 50s.

1962: Interest in Tayco sold to Thorn.

Ronald Taylor, Robert’s son, independently set up Forth Alloys Ltd at Cumbernauld.  This was entirely devoted to alloy and ductile irons and was equipped with up to date induction melting units and laboratory facilities.

Robbie Taylor, Robert’s son, became manager at Muirhall Foundry.

1973: Modernisation at Muirhall included two new bays, one for the production of heavy cores and the other a pattern flow unit.

1976: The two companies set up a brand new company called Tayforth Foundry Ltd on a green field site on the Lochlands Industrial Estate for the manufacture of Ni-resist austenitic irons.  J.B. Morton Works Director.

1980: Muirhall Foundry, Blackburn Foundry, Cumbernauld Foundry and Tayforth were all merged into the Robert Taylor Ironfounders (Holdings) Ltd with each foundry maintaining its autonomy.

1982: A new approach to marketing led to a new company within the Group called Tayforth Sales Ltd.

1984: Muirhall – “All grades grey iron, SG iron and Ni-resist.  Max. wt. 3.5 tonnes.  Jobbing and semi-mechanised work.  General engineering castings, specialising in heavy vehicle, pump, compressor and electrical industry.  Employment range 50-100.”

Tayforth – “Ni-resist, austentic and alloy irons cast up to 3.5 tonnes.  Jobbing and semi-repetitive work.  Specialising in castings for pumps, valves, diesel engines, turbochargers, chemical and petrochemical plant.  Employment range 16-50.”

1986?: Amalgamated with Forth Alloys Ltd of Cumbernauld.

2000: Tayforth Foundry closed.

2004: Muirhall Foundry closed.


  • 1965: 23
  • 1984: 190
  • 1985: 110


Ranges, cooker, boilers…

Following the second world war the firm concentrated on specialised in engineering castings for a wide variety of heavy engineering equipment manufacturers..

The main brand name for its heating products was TAYCO.


G.B.Bailey, 2021