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1898: New buildings formerly opened in July 1898 by Miss Hamilton, the daughter of the proprietor, John Hamilton of Gowan Park.  Mr Peattie, contracting builder, and William Hamilton (John’s son), manager. 

“The foundry is advantageously situated for railway accommodation, the North British siding at Snab being only a few yards from the gates, so that quick loading of finished goods will be an easy matter.  The buildings of the new foundry consist of a heavy casting shop, having floor space to accommodate 30 moulders.  The shop is fitted up with one of the latest approved overhead travelling cranes, while a large drying-stove is attached to the shop, and can take in cores up to 25 feet long.  The cupola, which is capable of melting 50 tons per day, is arranged so that the flow of metal goes direct into the shop for the heavy castings.  Coterminous with the heavy shop is a large casting shop with floor room for 30 men.  The machinery in connection with the foundry is driven by one of the latest patent Tangye’s 20 horse-power gas engines.  On the top storey is a large and commodious pattern shop, which can accommodate 35 workmen.  The whole of the existing buildings are substantial, well-lighted, and ventilated, and specially designed to meet future extension at very small cost.  It is expected that before long a matter of 40 men will be employed in the foundry.”

DK Harrower became a partner.

G.B. Bailey, 2021