West End Foundry

Illus: Foundry beside the Drill Hall, Ordnance Survey Map 1897 (National Library of Scotland).

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Corbiehall, Bo’ness             NS 995 815


1888: Established by William Morrison.

1892: Moulding shed doubled in size.  This small foundry produced castings for the building trade, machine castings and rainwater goods mostly for the London market.  It had an output of 100 tons per month.

1902: Small foundry advertised for sale in August as a going concern, William Morrison, the proprietor, was retiring due to ill-health.  It was still unsold two years later.  £3,000 purchase price.

1903: Work stopped.

1905: In December it was announced that an Edinburgh syndicate was to purchase and carry on the business.  William Binnie, formerly manager of the Edinburgh Foundry spent some time getting the place in order ready for a start in the new year.

1907: Foundry closed.

1909: One acre site and buildings bought by Joseph Duguild, joiner and contractor, for conversion to housing.  The offices fronting the main street to form 20 houses of room and kitchen type.  Tenement of balcony type to be erected – entered from Hamilton Street to the west.


1902: 70

G.B. Bailey, 2021