Shows at Falkirk Ice Rink

After the war there was a golden age of shows – both on the ice and the dance floor.  Announcing the first of these the company proudly stated:

Ever since the completion of Falkirk Ice Rink in 1938, it has been the desire of the management to submit first-class amateur Ice entertainment.  The intervention of the war and the inability to secure the services of an experienced producer retarded the possibility of presenting a company of trained local artistes.  The Directors have been fortunate in securing the services of Harry Cartwright who (with the able assistance of Harry Cartwright junior, now instructor at Falkirk Ice Rink) has produced the “Ice Follies of 1945”… which is without doubt the finest wholly amateur Ice Production presented in Scotland.”

Ice revues were staged by Jack and Peggy Wake from the Dunfermline Rink and featured the ice skating stars of the day.  Then Gladys Jaggers produced a series of popular home-grown shows along with the Falkirk Figure Skating Club.

Symphony on Silver BladesApril 1945
Ice FolliesChristmas ice showDecember 1945
IcecapadesIce reviewFebruary 1946
Flashing BladesIce reviewMarch 1946
Ice GymkhanaScottish Association of Boys’ ClubsNovember 1946
The Sleeping PrincessChristmas pantomime on iceDecember 1946
Ice ReviewIce reviewFebruary 1947
When the Bloom is on the HeatherAll-tartan variety fanfareJune 1947
Ice FolliesChristmas ice showDecember 1948
Ice RevueIce revueFebruary 1948
Hello New YorkIce showMarch 1948
Hello ScotlandBlackpool Ice Parade Company travelling showNovember 1948
Snow White and the Seven DwarfsChristmas pantomime on iceDecember 1948
Christmas FantasyDecember 1948
The Great Sid Milward and his NitwitsComedy ice showNovember 1950
Christmas CarnivalChristmas ice showDecember 1950
AladdinChristmas pantomimeDecember 1951
Babes in the WoodDecember 1952
Mother GooseDecember 1953
Cinderella on IceChristmas ice pantomimeDecember 1954
Table: Some of the ice shows at Falkirk Ice Rink after the Second World War.

Falkirk was now breeding its own stars of ice shows.  These included Miss Netta Dunsmore from Grangemouth who took part in many ice shows at Falkirk Ice Rink before moving on to appear in the Jack Hilton Ice Show of 1948 in London.  She and three other local people had their successful trials at the Falkirk Ice Rink.  They were 21 year old John Smith of 69 Kerse Road; 18-years old Nan Bett of 55 Newlands Road; and Eleanor Bennet of Laurieston.  The show travelled to Paris.

Illus: The Maypole Dance from Sleeping Beauty.
Illus: The interior of the Ice Rink looking south-west with the temporary stage on the right, c1955.

G.B. Bailey, 2022