County Mining Institute

Courses in surveying in mines had been run in the Falkirk Science and Art School but as the mining industry became more mechanised and technical there was a move to provide further training in this important industry.  During the 1930s plans were drawn up to create a Mining Centre in Falkirk but the outbreak of the Second World War put paid to them.  They were revived after the war and in 1947 the County Mining Institute opened in the old High School buildings in Park Street.  Day release classes in mining and colliery electrical and mechanical engineering at National Certificate and craft level were run.  During the 1950s this extended to include electrical installation work, mechanical machine shop practice and engineering drawing.  Student numbers slowly increased to just over 500 a week with around ten members of staff.

The creation of a new road from Vicar Street to the east end of Bank Street in the early 1930s took away the wooded playground on the south side of the school.  This road was Princes Street and it now provided a proper view of the main facade of the building.

With the opening of Falkirk College in January 1963 the staff and facilities were moved there and the County Mining Institute closed.

1947Dr James M Cowan1962
1962Andrew Peebles1963630

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