Falkirk Academy I

Illus: The old Baptist Church building looking west across Callendar Riggs with Horsemarket Lane on the left.

In 1845 Messrs Burnsyde and Glass established a school in the Baptist Church on Callendar Riggs.  The building had been built just five years earlier.  Public classes were held from 10 till 4; before which there was a morning class from 8 till 10 for writing, arithmetic, book-keeping, geography, and Latin.  Young ladies learned a neat and fashionable hand; and a female teacher taught the various branches of sewing.  Practical land surveying and mapping were added in 1847. 

Mr Glass was secretary of the Falkirk Sabbath School Teachers’ Union and had a connection with the Baptist Church.  He left to become a minister of a Baptist Church in Leicestershire in 1849, and the school seems to have closed at that time.  Burnsyde also moved away and died at Newcastle.

After 1849 the building was used by the Falkirk Free Church as a school for girls before the opening of the new school in Meeks Road in 1853.  In 1855 Convery moved his school to Callendar Riggs and it briefly became the West End Academy.

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