Grangemouth High School (III)

The latest iteration of Grangemouth High School was built in 2006-7 at a cost of £17.5 million.  It has a wide range of facilities including a 20 metre swimming pool, games hall, dance studio, gym hall, and all-weather playing fields. 

Illus 2: The Main Entrance to Grangemouth High School at the south-east corner of the complex.

The walls have external white render with contrasting areas of grey insulation panels interspersed with large sections of glass.  The arrangement of single and two storey flat-roofed segments creates stepped terraces and hidden courtyards.  The playgrounds are extensive.

Illus 3: Grangemouth High School from Tinto Drive.
Illus 4: Grangemouth High School looking south across the playing fields.
Paul Dunn
Brian Millar(present)790

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Tinto DriveNS 9315 8024

G.B. Bailey, 2023