Carronshore Free Church School

Illus: Ordnance Survey Map of 1859/62 (National Library of Scotland).

Shortly after 1843, the year of the Disruption, two schools under the management of the Free Church were opened in Larbert Parish – one in Stenhousemuir and the other in Carronshore.  Colonel Dundas favoured the Established Church and as a Trustee of the Carronshore Subscription School he handed its management over to that church in 1843.  The new minister of Larbert Parish Church, Rev McGill, persuaded Dundas to dismiss the two teaching staff there because they belonged to the Free Church.  This was not favourably viewed in the village and the two teachers, Mr Thomson and Miss Masterton, were provided with temporary premises in the village by a Mr Forgie.  The building lay to the rear of a property on the east side of the Main Street.  Most of the children moved to it and teaching resumed.

Mr Thomson, did not remain long, and was soon replaced by John Lamb who was still in post when the Larbert School Board took over the provision of education.  In 1859 the Ordnance Surveyors described it as:

A small school in the village of Carronshore, supported entirely by the fees of the scholars, who average about 50 males and 50 females.”

With the passing of the Education Act in 1872 the school was discontinued and the property returned to private ownership. 

1843Mr Thomson1846
1846John Lamb1873

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