St Margaret’s Primary School

St Margaret’s Primary School was built in the 1970s and replaced Polmont Public School and the junior classes at Redding School. While the school was being built the pupils went to a building at Greenpark, Polmont, which is now part of the Greenpark Community Centre.  The name, St Margaret’s, was taken from a previous private girls’ school that lay a little to the east (see Meadowbank and St Margaret’s School).  The primary school was designed by Central Regional Council Architectural Services in 1977.  The buildings consist of a series of single-storey white rendered brick blocks with steep-sided slate-clad attics arranged around two small quadrangles. 

A large hall was constructed in the north-east angle of the school in 2005.  It dominates the complex by its height and grey-clad walls, the north wall being composed of glass panels set at an acute angle to the ground and “propped” up with large steel rods.

Illus 2: St Margaret’s Primary School looking south-west in 2023.

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G.B. Bailey, 2023