Public Wells & Fountains (15) Redding

Redding Well

This was a popular well and water from the Redding Well was carried for miles about in the late 19th century. By the end of that century it was sometimes referred to as the “Central Public Well” to distinguish it from other ones also maintained by the Redding Well Committee.  There were private wells in the village but the public well was still a place of last resort for their owners.  In 1868  Andrew Clark’s public house in Redding had a well in its back garden but it was unfit for use and so stoups were taken to the Redding Well for water (Falkirk Herald 9 January 1868, 5).  In late 1893 Redding Well had to be repaired by public subscriptions (Falkirk Herald 20 September 1893, 4).  The people who paid for its maintenance were not keen on outsiders using it, or at least misusing it.  In September 1896 the Well Committee had the handle temporarily removed to stop workmen, who were doing building work nearby, from using it for construction purposes.  Complaints were received because that also meant that the local people were unable to use it at that time (Falkirk Herald 12 September 1896, 6).

G.B. Bailey, 2022