Cross Well

An excellent well of spring water a short distance south­ward of Walton Farmhouse and from which a never failing supply of water is continually found.  It is supposed there is a covered passage in the form of a conduit made from this to the old Roman Well at which place the water original­ly issues.  It is not known why it got it the name of ROMAN WELL – SITE OF This name applies to a small hollow portion of ground nearly of a circular form situated at the SW corner of the Roman fort.   Where it is said the Romans sank a well in order to get a supply of water for the garrison at the time of their encampment here.  The well had been filled up some years ago, but can be still pointed out by the inhabitants.  There is a large tree growing on its south side


In fact there is no Roman fort at this site.  The origin of this legend it that the Antonine Wall was at one time thought to be in this area and hence the name Walton.  Antiquities were found here but are more likely to have been of early medieval date.  The farm might more properly be called Well-town after the well indicating the antiquity of that structure.

(NT 026 792)

Illus: 1856 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

G.B. Bailey, 2022