First Battle of Falkirk Monument

Victoria Park

Illus: Victoria Park and the Dollar Fountain, c1920.

This monument is sometimes also referred to as the Dollar Fountain after the donor, Robert Dollar, who paid for its erection in 1912.  It is centrally placed on the west side of Victoria Park facing Thornhill Rd on the traditional site of the battle of 1298 and is dedicated to Sir John De Graeme.  The monument takes the form of a polished granite drinking fountain with arched recesses on each of the 4 sides. It is surmounted by a canopy bearing a sculpted lion holding a shield. The base is 105 cm square and rests on a three tier plinth. The two panels in the recesses on either side of the water spout are inscribed:

This Memorial fountain is/erected near the spot where/ Sir John de Graeme Fell.”  “Presented by Robert Dollar Esq of/ San Francisco To Falkirk his native town/ in honour of Sir John de Graeme and his/ men who fell in the battle of Falkirk.” 

The monumental stonework was by W. Roberts and Son of Falkirk.

Illus: The Dollar Fountain after renovation in 2020.

In 1913 the grass around the fountain was replaced by broad concrete paths.  These had deteriorated to such a degree that when, in 2020 the monument was cleaned and consolidated, the immediate landscape was improved by the introduction of granite paving and steps as well as benches.

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G.B. Bailey, 2022