Airth Old Parish Church Sundials (C1 and C2)

Illus: The south gable of the Airth Aisle showing the contracted window and the worn sundial.

The large pointed arched window in the south gable of the Airth Aisle at Airth Old Parish Church has been partially built up and on the east jamb stone of the contracted opening is an incised sundial or mass-clock of early form.

Illus: Airth Old Parish Church looking north with the tower on the left. The Tower Sundial can just be seen on the corner at the top partially covered with ivy.

At first floor level on the south-east corner of the tower is another badly weathered sundial with the remnants of an iron gnomon.  The dial face is on the south side just above the cavetto-moulded stringcourse.  Its position suggests that it was an original feature of the tower which was constructed in 1647.

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