Inchyra Sundial (F10)

Illus: 1915 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

This sundial used to stand in front of the Inchyra Grange and its location is shown in the 1915 Ordnance Survey map.   It was recorded by the RCAHMS in 1960 as having a modern shaft and head with a patinated 18th-century dial-plate of copper or bronze.  The following description of the plate, which was 1ft 7½ins square and elaborately marked, is from the Stirlingshire Inventory.  The main dial, in the northern half, was numbered in the usual manner, the Roman figures having apparently been struck with a chisel-like tool; in its upper part were the words “GEO:/ JAMESON FECIT” in cursive script and on either side of it a table of small Arabic figures, struck with punches.  The gnomon bore on either side the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom, the shield being charged: Quarterly 1st, a lion rampant; 2nd, three leopards; 3rd, three fleur-de-lys; 4th, a harp. The motto is “HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE.”  Close to the southern edge of the plate, and on the same north-south line was the main dial, with a smaller dial marked counter-clockwise with small punched Arabic numbers 1 to 29, evidently for the days of the month; the position of 30 was occupied by the north-south line, and the middle figures of the series were missing as the edge of the plate cut off the southernmost segment of the dial.  The gnomon had already vanished.  Flanking the dial was inscribed “HAMILTON 1728” in Roman script. The remainder of the plate was ruled with lines associated with the names of the months and of zodiacal figures; most of these were poorly preserved.  George Jamieson is also on record as the maker of a dial at Mount Charles, Alloway, dated 1735.

The present whereabouts of the sundial is not known.

Inchyra Grange Sundial                       SMR 811         NS 934 796

G.B.Bailey, 2021