Polmont Parish Church Sundial (C5)

Illus : Polmont Old Parish Church Sundial.

This vertical sundial was placed in a square recess with moulded borders over the central door in the south wall of the church at Polmont when it was erected in the 1730s.  The dial is dated 1736 and the hour lines are symmetrical.  The gnomon was vertical with an incised image of the sun behind it.  The legend “Tempus Fugit” – time flies – appears on the top and a winged soul at each corner.  The relief is relatively shallow and it is probable that these features were picked out in paint.

The stone fell from its perch in 1990 and, with the permission of the kirk session, was placed in Falkirk Museum by the author.

Polmont Old Parish Church (ruin)SMR 257NS 9367 7931
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G.B. Bailey, 2021