RSNH, Larbert Sundial (N11)

In June 1949 a sundial was unveiled at s specially laid out rose garden at the Royal Scottish National Institution as a tribute to the services given to it by late Lady Helen Leslie Mackenzie.  The garden was placed adjacent to the former board room of the Institution which stood to the west of the so-called “Private House.”  The freestanding sundial had an octagonal plinth, fluted shaft and head.  Around the sides of the head was the inscription “FROM THE SCOTTISH COUNCIL OF WOMEN CITIZEN ASSOCIATIONS IN GRATEFUL MEMORY OF HELEN, LADY MACKENZIE, ONE OF THEIR FOUNDERS.”  A copper alloy dial was sunk into the flat top and on its outer border was inscribed “Ye canna tether time

It was given to the Scottish Council of Women’s Citizens’ Associations by Scottish Health Visitors’ Association and the National Council of Women. 

Its present location is not known.

Sites and Monuments Record

RSNH Sundial NS 8592 8359

G.B. Bailey, 2021