Slamannan Parish Church Sundial (C6)

The vertical sundial at Slamannan is placed at first-floor level between two of the windows on the south wall of the church.  The stone has a square face with a stepped arched top, similar to the mid-eighteenth century sundial from the Main Street in Bo’ness.  It evidently came from the earlier church building and like the dormer pediment and door lintel below it was built into the fabric of the new church in 1810.  The new building was on a slightly different orientation than its predecessor and so the west side of the stone protrudes slightly from the wall whilst the east edge is flush – indicating that it was still used to show the time.

 Unfortunately, a modern copper alloy dial was bolted over the front of the historic sundial in the late 1990s.

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G.B. Bailey, 2021