20 Bungalows & 2 Streets

The Kilns & Westbank (Burnbrae Gdns) for JG Callander

The upper end of Maggie Woods Loan runs into Gartcows Road.  Opposite Blinkbonny Park is a length of ribbon development of a type known as bungaloid growth – once more due to JG Callander.

Illus: Burnbrae Gardens


In July 1934 J G Callander was granted warrant to erect 20 bungalows on sites at the Kilns and Westbank adjoining Camelon Rd.  Two new streets had to be constructed and the West Burn culverted.  J G Callander was now a major developer in the area.

Each house was of four apartments with a kitchen and bathroom.  Bay ground floor windows, cantilevered corner windows and hipped roofs gave them a modern feel.

G.B. Bailey, 2021