Additions & Alterations to Hotel

Royal Hotel, High St, for JW Koop

The Royal Hotel at the west end of Falkirk’s high street dated to the late 18th century.  By 1930 it did not meet the standards required by the local authorities and was too small for the proprietor, James Wyse Koop, and so J G Callander was asked to create an appropriate additional floor as well as upgrading the existing ones.  Rather than extend the front wall upwards he increased the pitch of the slated roof and placed large rectangular dormer windows in it at regular intervals that did not reflect the disposition of the existing five windows on the first floor; providing a sensible contrast.  The new floor had seven bedrooms, each with hot and cold water.  An inserted stair served the extra bedroom accommodation.

On the ground floor a number of small rooms were converted into a lounge and the kitchen at the back became a buffet, both opening off the main entrance.  Additional lavatory accommodation was placed behind the buffet.  The little snug at the public bar was removed.  On the first floor some of the existing bedrooms, a kitchen, scullery and ladies’ cloakroom were also removed to create a function room, leaving only two bedrooms here.

Royal Hotel     SMR 434         NS 8861 8002

J.B. Bailey, 2021